10th November 2020

And in a moment the world changes, what seemed for many to have been fixed in one direction suddenly spins through one hundred and eighty degrees and becomes unfamiliar, disturbing, scary. Victory is easy for the winner, momentarily at minimum, defeat is often heart rending and soul destroying, immediately, for a week, months, even years, and if left to fester unhealed results in lasting unambiguous anger, spite, and vengefulness.

The more obvious effects upon the loser are addressed, as equally are the benefits to the winner. However, the subtle and oft invisible influences upon the defeated escape attention through a sad lack of empathy, often with cries of ‘get over it’, ‘man or women up’, ‘see the error in your ways’, ‘bow to the majority’. Understandable imposition quite probably, we all are human after all, but bordering upon the discriminatory and elitist, most definitely.

Any possibility for healing requires the promulgation of enough fertile soil to grow a strain of humanity impervious to discrimination, envy and prejudice, devoid of obvious and unacceptable blight, producing copious flowerings of hope, good intentions, and magnanimity and thereby the bounteous fruits  of unity, peace and solace for humankind and planet alike, always recalling of course than one person’s food and drink is another’s poison.

I am disinclined by good taste from  reminding people of the Weimar republic and the future horrors  caused by a vengeful and inconsiderate victory, but one example of an unfortunate trend in humanity to think that followers, however immoral or unacceptable  their views might seem, should be punished for the actions of their leaders, instructors, teachers.

Forgiveness, inclusion, brother, and sisterhood are not concepts to be earned, to be meted out like rations, they are gifts to be freely distributed, without fear or favor, unconditionally. Take away all-embracing fraternity and all that is left is divisiveness, exclusion, inequality, prejudice, the very antagonisms are the roots of the tree of woe we all should be are inclined to topple and obliterate.

Charity is not necessarily something to be assuaged by the exchange of coin or goods, rather is suggests a willingness to share growth, succor, compassion, kindness, consideration, all acts considerably more ethereal and proactive than simply putting a few spare pennies in a beggar’s cup.

Turning the other cheek is a much maligned and misunderstood action, having little or nothing to do with nonviolent reactivity but rather a mindset than allows for the random nature of human behavior and promotes fraternity over impulse. The greeting of aggression with reason, of hyperbole with calm, intolerance with acceptance, are not indicators of weakness, cowardice, or surrender, rather signs of strength, bravery in the face of adversity, and of stoic resistance.

Concepts of openness, inclusion, charity, forgiveness, fraternity, and non-discrimination are not abstract ideas alien to our species, they are the foundation of each and every, community, country, civilization, conglomeration. The removal of these basic items from our tool belts are what cause strife and division initially, and their rediscovery and return promulgate unified redirection.

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