7th November 2020

The desire for, indeed the obsession with instant gratification has effectively erased any capacity for patience that might have remained fleeting in the human psyche. Momentary need has replaced arousal, titillation, or seduction, with a requirement for utter possession wholly impractical, entirely improbable, or impossible..

This trend is in exact opposition to what might seem natural evolution.  Complex patterns, interrelated events, repercussive actions demand careful and precise consideration, calculation, resolution, and quantification. Unnecessary haste will invariably cause the multiplication of errors, mistakes breeding dissatisfaction, resulting in increased frustration and antagonism. An already divisive circumstance transformed into a matter of dispute or ambivalence, creating division rather than clarification.

Much of my childhood and adolescence was spent suffering a constant barrage of instruction to show patience, to learn and practice circumspection. Suck lessons were frustrating, irritating and ever greeted with as much disquiet and disapproval as my as yet unrounded intellect could accomplish. Hindsight has of course reversed my position, as twas always likely to occur, maturity having a capacity for turning the most seemingly ingrained opinions utterly.

Existence in the year of twenty-twenty vision has quite naturally juxtaposed each and every still remaining concept or conclusion base over apex, indiscriminately.

Whichever, whatever, however each individual is inclined to discover, grasp, and infuse calm has become intrinsic to continued well-being. Still, sedate, and contemplative states have become integral to survival, patience perhaps the only separation betwixt the moment and utter personal devastation.

Forbearance, tranquility, composure are not arts best or easily learned upon the hoof. Indeed much patience is needed in the conduct of patience, to add duplicity to that already exhausting demand. Perhaps life was never intended to be a struggle, rather a simple acceptance of time and the concept that reality or indeed unreality is simply beyond the human capacity to control.

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