6th November 2020

The fifth of November is celebrated in the Britain with a fervor much aligned to that of say the fourth of July in the United States of America. The obvious difference being the fifth is not a public or bank holiday, even a state sanctioned affair, rather it continues in celebration wholly through the ongoing traditions of the people, all the people, without fear or favor, exception, or malice.

Even stranger perhaps is the fact that the observance recognizes a non-event, a failing, an act universally vilified, considered unconscionable, a singular event by but an estranged handful of participants almost wholly alienated from society as a whole. This year marks the five hundred and fifteenth celebration of the failure of the Guy Fawkes plot without any apparent dilution in the popular culture, perhaps quite opposingly even a possible resurgence in large public celebratory gatherings replacing what had in most instances become smaller family musters.

A day for saluting the vox populi, with all its anarchistic ramifications.

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