31st October 2020

Compassion is an emotion well removed from empathy, as separate as is thoughtfulness from charity. One is momentary feeling, the other a fundamental human directive, a naturally occurring impulse. Humans perceive feelings upon two singular levels, one detached from emotion, subjective, inquisitorial, the other involved, twinned, impassioned, enjoined. Compassion and thoughtfulness tend to be examples of detached emotion, deliberate, controlled. Charity and empathy are visceral, imploring, without parameter or condition.

 Any emotions can be satisfactory or frustrating, having conclusion or remaining open ended, in essence a form of psychological masturbation ending in either climactic fruition or despondent everlasting inconclusiveness. 

Altruism is without doubt the most elect form of succor, containing as it do no degree of aggrandizement. Such voluntary and unsolicited generosity, unheralded and uncelebrated, is the true characterization of divine inspiration.

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