30th October 2020

Seldom in peace time does one day hold the hopes, dreams, concerns and fears of a whole people within the palms of his chronological hands.  War, strife, unrest are ever divisive, causing a populous however seemingly united to take extreme polar positions, to choose unrepentant sides, to put right stridently and unambiguously in their particularly chosen might, to paraphrase Oliver Cromwell, putting separatism beyond the capacity for simple remedy or healing.  Political viewpoints, the perceptions of social order, generally are less vital, somehow sufficiently vague to facilitate compromise, allow integration of opposing thoughts into a somewhat acceptable stew, perhaps hot and spicy in the background but in the most part palatable to all.

Was a time I personally participated in the grand lottery that is so called democracy with a religious zeal, believing with that strange brand of naiveté that affects the young and foolish that my singular marker might in some way change the general ineptitude of the elected to represent or indeed consider the well being of the multitude. That there are good souls amongst the powerful, the elite, the chosen, is without doubt factual, that their altruism weighs more that any desire for authority, sway, or control over society stands somewhat more debatable.

I have tasted the various dishes of majority rule, minority rule, totalitarianism, republicanism, socialism, monarchism, and ever found their flavors decidedly confusing in their blandness. True change from the status quo is seldom a prime motivation outside of inspired revolution, and even such rebelliousness soon must settle to a more level headed form of government. Extremism, whether for good or bad is highly volatile, and will invariably burn itself out in short order unless continuously fed new and ever-increasing masses of sacrificial fuel, generally some percentile of the population, and even human beings, as reproductive as they may be, are finite in number.

Elections however positive and rewarding they may seem, are equally and opposingly negative and disappointing. Current perspective is self-defining, historical consideration more illusionary.

A visitor for tea 28th October 2020

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