26th October 2020

Scrolling through the nations shared videos as I am occasionally inclined to do, naturally ignoring those based solely on a wish to push my political, social or religious opinions in one direction or another, there seem to be two particularly popular subjects for viewing or reference, perhaps disconnected but equally possibly related,. Firstly the phenomenon of bullying so prevalent in American society, both in schools and the environment in general and secondly the seeming endless number  of figures of authority attempting to use their positions to awe, overpower, and bamboozle individuals they perceive as less important, vital, or empowered.

The bully scenarios all follow very similar storylines. A character, new, shy and unassuming is either picked upon themselves or is forced to come to the aid of someone of even less worth in the eyes of the circling thugs, but of course thereupon shows their true metal and saves the day, physically punishing and embarrassing   all wrongdoers in the process.

The second subject is generally factual in nature, captured on some form of recording device and then posted in a sort of tell all capacity to social media.  Naturally, those involving the use of unnecessary force or belligerence tend to be quickly picked up by the main stream media and get a suitably public mass airing, generally followed by suitable investigation and resolution. The instances involving less flamboyant incidents, for example traffic stops, stop and search, or just very pointed and intrusive questioning, particularly concerning those endless vagaries and uncertainties surrounding citizens’ rights, seem to be of a particular fascination to all, whether students of constitutional law or not, but seldom seem to lead to any constructive resolution or educational opportunity.

I find both variances to be fascinating, particularly coming from a society were bullying is uniformly distained and when occasionally do arise is stamped upon in no uncertain fashion. Officiousness, which literally defines of the second instance, is also heartily disapproved of, and with the twin exceptions of parking wardens and fish wives will seldom if ever be experienced.

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