25th October 2020

What a truly wonderous blustery autumn day today, the sort of occasion I expect momentarily to be joined by Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on my daily stroll. The sun did shine pleasantly for the most part, the air was lightly scented with a hint of freshly ablaze firewood, the trees, shrubs, and greenery showing the beginnings of multitudinous shades of orange and tan, just as the season demands.

I truly never tire of my wandering, sure on occasion it takes more than a little effort to pry me out of my chair, but once afoot, cane swinging metronomically to calculate each four strides, I am as happy as that infamous sand boy of legend.

Indeed I sometimes am almost inclined to sit upon that favorite bench of mine late into the dusk, when darkness creeps silently from out the trees to swallow all who tarry. Thoughts of safety must force my hand, once started the gloom along the Olga Road can  make all but the most  luminescent disappear from view.

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