24th October 2020

Today was a remarkable day on many a level.

 Firstly, twas a remarkably fine autumn day, sunny, with a little chill in the air, quite perfect for any ambling sort of procession in the great outdoors. Secondly, I arranged with my dear friend Susan Malins, whose retirement is imminently taking her to Massachusetts and the bosom of her family, to inspect and hopefully acquire an alpenstock that had been made for her personally some time ago in California.

The walk down towards Rosario was strange, the first time for many a month I had walked without the company of a cane. Any of you who regularly walk with a cane will appreciate that what might seem casual swinging of said perambulate assistant does in fact regulate both length of stride and metronomic pace, a tool proving most necessary once adopted. 

The baton proved to be most suited to my purposes, so having taken possession and with Susan’s permission having christened the fine implement ‘Missy Suzy’, we, the staff and I, decided to more fully acquaint ourselves with a small amble in the beauteous and momentarily adjacent surroundings of Moran state park.

I am of course already infamous for talking quite extravagantly to myself, and not surprisingly now being accompanied by a most vivacious mademoiselle my verbosity knew no bounds. For her part Missy Suzy proved most polite and understanding about my loquaciousness and even offered the occasional muffled responsive tap from her single shapely stump as it connected with the sometimes-rocky path beneath our streps.

We took a few moments reprise at my ever-favorite bench to refresh ourselves both with a little Indian tea from my silvered flask and some good peach flavored Carolinian tobacco from my gilded pipe, before making our way together quite contentedly to my long term and the delightful Suzy’s new abode. 

For an avid walker, now accompanied by a most precocious companion, autumn hath  again proven herself the mistress of ambulatory perfection.

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