20th October 2020

Accepting that mine own perspective on many issues can well be considered moot and therefore highly unlikely to carry either favor or significant support I am inclined to have my opinion moved, led, deflected by the voice of the majority, bye consensus. This does not mean by any means that mine own position is unfounded, just that as a hopefully well-adjusted member of a large well considering group the higher percentile must hold sway. Such democratic considerations are not professed for altruistic reasons rather for the simple and unavoidable purpose of the body politic hopefully representing in some way the majority will of the populace, without the need for decree, force or incitement.

Those inclined to decry majority rule, preferring some kind of unilateral, monarchist, or totalitarian governance, are members of what I rather sarcastically am inclined to call the ‘medieval’, meaning simply that their attention to rule or law is wholly controlled by the equal and opposite effects of fearmongering, threat of loss of position, influence, fear of physical pain, retaliatory  punishment. The poker, the prod, the fire iron wielded by the duly appointed executioner is the one form of balanced and well-founded argument inherently suited to drive the ‘middle age’ thought, motive, and activity.

Scaremongering has with time transformed from physical commination to far more subtle and Machiavellian factors. With the increased availability and accepted profundity of publicly promulgated media the ability to spread rumor, tittle-tattle, outrage, has exponentially multiplied. Indeed the noticeable defining of outlets of informational purveyors into little more than publishers of misinformation and propaganda has become largely normalized as opposed to occasional. Everything we see, hear, read or watch must be eschewed unless taken with a very large pinch of salt, no truth necessarily accepted of believed, no fact swallowed however supposedly verified.

Reality has become subjective, dependent on solely visceral dispensation.

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