19th October 2020

My politics doth these days tend towards the nondescript, preferring the sanctity of non-remarkability in nature to the trap of singular divisiveness. When young I was not so affable, nailing my colors very firm to specific standpoints, generally sociable, benevolent, leaning towards ecumenic acceptance of both responsibility and inclusivity. Idealism is singularly captivating, zeal like assurance impassioning, the need to proselytize wholly seductive, purpose raising putatively positive determinants to empyrean designs.

Dissociation is not particularly a leadership skill, yet singularly and persistent motivation attracts adherents, much like a star attracts, influences, and then controls satellites through force of Newtonian law.  Every solar system requires central mass, profound light to shine forth brilliance, connectivity, unremitting focus, the glue that fixes independents into congruent integral orbit.

Upon considerable determination I am decidedly inclined to non-exceptionalism.

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