14th October 2020

The seasons present to us each day new and different challenges dependent on innumerable factors, questions out preparedness in suitable attire, in attitude, in our capacity for work, play, adventure, our ability to adapt our own fixed patterns to gel with the changing face of the environment. Was a time such possible variances were slight, but quite naturally it seems, and also wholly inexplicably, as life for the so-called civilized world becomes easier it also seems more complicated. Choice begats decisions, decisions can as easily begat indecisiveness and confusion as clear concise thinking.

I do not consider myself particularly pedantic in that I am inclined to plan a smidgen ahead, not vastly do understand but perhaps one day or two. Quite naturally my first consideration are practicalities, suitable clothing, necessary financial provision, adequate dietary consideration. Surprises will of course occur, but in general I avoid tweeds or mulligatawny soup in the summer season and linens and cold cuts with salad in wintertime, autumn and spring are simply convenient periods of uncertainty for gradual movement from one extreme to the other.

My expenses are remarkably stable throughout the year, and thanks to my quite sensible and highly out of character foresight during my more financially rewarding decades, twinned of course with the splendid nest egg ever buried neath the family tree, comfort is a matter of little immediate concern. Was than I could so easily say my historical interactions with gelt were quite so calm and considered, but perhaps living five decades as family black sheep and wastrel eventually paid bank!

The choices I made when younger were naturally foolish, impeccably wild, princely dissolute, but always without immediate regret. I truly never jumped because I was pushed, only reached for that ever-greener piece of real-estate beyond.  Hindsight has of course taken a toll on my flamboyant devil may care, and yes even the darkest rogue experiences lamentable moments, yet here I sit largely content, foolishly proud of a life well and fully lived.

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