13th October 2020

Greed is not measured by consumption but  rather by demand, a figure invariably larger, mankind’s eye being consistently greater than his appetite, the mere garnish from a well presented plate capable of breaking the fast of a more simple soul, the culinary augmentation upon a feast an entire extended group or family.

The concepts of sufficiency, plenty, overindulgence have overtime become synonymous with social elevation in western civilization. The consistent oversupply, overtaking of portions is not recognized as wasteful, but rather as a display and acceptance of affluence, importance, somehow equalizing by immoderation, promulgating some utopia of equality by the provision and acceptance of excess.

The logic that more is better is misnomer, compare the produce and preparation cost and of a fast-food supersized meal and the most minimal entrée in an average restaurant.  Volume has no relation to quantity or quality.

One thought on “13th October 2020

  1. Greed is not measured… it is an insatiable desire for something lacking. I waste nothing, forage, share and the like. There is a vast expanse of humankind which should never have been born as they will die young and hungry. I believe humankind has the wisdom and the knowledge to correct these wrongs, but there is a multitude and we are but few, for I speak for myself. I live and die daily.


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