12th October 2020

Calculate the total of food stuff produced, prepared, and presented to the entitled percentile of the world population, then the gross requirement of all global inhabitants and the answers might well be surprisingly similar. Hunger, starvation are not a natural occurring resultant of ether agricultural practice or localized economic pressures, rather they are wholly caused by the power of the free market and the unrepentant greed of an overfed, never satisfied, elite, a number I am afraid to say that would include myself, my friends, acquaintances, and my dear loyal  readers, your good selves.  Please do not take this as criticism in any way, shape, or form, you hopefully noted that I named my own self first amongst the guilty, preeminent upon the list of the really could do so much better.

Mia culpa, I accept blame, as I am sure do we all for the continuance of an  oppressive and divisive system that heaps poverty and  misery disproportionately onto  the less fortunate, the less affluent,  branded unworthy, unimportant, insignificant, by no real fault of their own, but simply by geographic or  social position.

I like you feel the burden of this travesty, wish to assuage my guilt by positive direct and meaningful action. Regrettably, although the solution is simplistic, he is no easy beast to track, locate, cage or tame.

Many, many years ago, when I was still full of the principles and aspirations of youth I wrote a rather pointed essay concerning the commercialization of the  production of sugar,  in particular in its relationship to the very distinctive evils of colonialism, oppression of local inhabitants, enforced serfdom, global slavery, unwarranted and inefficient centralization of production,  development of the single market, the growth of commercial conglomerates, and of course a plethora of disease and death.

It occurred to me today during my circumnavigation that little has changed since I last put pen to paper on the subject, or indeed since the first galleon lookout spied the Indies and Americas and cried ‘land ahoy’!

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