10th October 2020

Laissez-faire, a wondrous French catch all that exemplifies the year two thousand and twenty exactly. Over seven months into the most prolific and deadly pandemic encountered over for over a century the world in general and the powers that be specifically have still to come to terms with the long-term consequences. Premature congratulations or dodged the bullet complacency are not going to halt, dilute, or modify what remains the single greatest threat to species survival for four generations. Even the comparative destructive forces of nuclear warfare were at least in the controlling hands of a hopefully somewhat caring and considerate political and military elite, not the much harsher and less conciliatory control of Mother Nature.

 Every human, even the psychopath, tends to need company if not victims, ongoing creation has no such requirements, humanity is but a very inconsequential portion of her ever-pressing concerns. Surprisingly, aspirations gave remained largely localized, fixed upon a perceivable tomorrow as opposed to the unimaginable horror of impending Armageddon. Without the comfort of scientific certainty mankind has found himself relegated once more to the dark ages, before the remarkable and unexpected transformations of renaissance, enlightenment, and reason.

Science and logical thinking having largely destroyed the emotional support network of unworldly belief, we now find our new foundation of sense and intellect as efficiently ripped from our insides as was ever managed by the most adequate medieval eviscerating executioner. Unable to retreat back into myth protected comfort, and equally without a clear forward perspective we are as the saying goes caught betwixt a rock and a hard place.

Of course hope ever remains that the unexpectedly dire resultant effects of attaining ‘perfect vision’ are but an aberration, a temporary speed bump on an otherwise easy and non-threatening   highway to a nirvana of some sort.

Meanwhile, spinners spin, weavers weave, the tallest tales grow taller, the simplest bow takes on Gordian proportions.

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