7th October 2020

My relationship with violence and pain is intimate and decidedly conflicted. I have suffered and inflicted both in extremis, on occasion as a means of teaching or instructing, sometimes simply as an outward projection of mine own internalized angst. Displays of aggression should not necessarily be assumed physical, violence is far more prevalent as a purely psychological tool, a weapon wielded with additional force simply because of its lack of obvious contusions to speak ill of the perpetrator. I do not take pleasure in the ministration of discipline, I consider it a wholly unnecessary activity given that humanity is quite capable of accepting education, molding without the necessity for  actual physical or phycological abuse, and let us not be shy the inflicting of actual bodily or mental harm is torture, and as good an indicator of psychopathy as can be imagined. I suffered sufficient administrations of both cane and slipper as a schoolboy to be fully conversant with the negative anatomical effects and utter lack of any commensurate mitigating benefit.

The English public-school system was until very recently rife with corporal punishment, a hierarchical system kept in motion by the oil of excessive and often brutal discipline. Generation after generation suffered at the hand of if not sadists certainly individuals with very questionable principles. Strangely, the eventual change to a more civilized perspective was a result of upward class pressure rather than elitist led realization, equality bringing a wholly different pupil to the classroom, one who was not inclined to suffer cruelty quietly for the sake of misplaced honor or tradition.

Discipline, sadomasochism, power exchange, also play an important an important, often unacknowledged, or at least unadmitted role in sexual relationships of all vagaries. Some might be as innocent as a little spanking during particularly athletic coitus or stretching the full gambit to highly organized and ritualistic play, with all the necessities and niceties of well-maintained instruments, restraints, toys, safe words, costumes, etcetera.. Sexuality reflects society and vice versa, domination and submission being very much the norm in both spheres.

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