2nd October 2020

It is quite plausible I could be characterized a reactionary, a diagnosis with which I might potentially be inclined to agree. Any fault exists in not my possible position but rather in the manner that the concept is entirely misunderstood, or more correctly falsely coopted from a very opposed viewpoint. Personally, I am inclined to agree with the opinions of Mark Lilia that the reactionary but yearns for an overthrow of decadence and recover of a past that wholeheartedly favored positive social transformation.

Who in their right mind can possibly question the decadence we presently enjoy, overly indulge, recklessly  squander, to the decline and eventual fall of not only our comparatively unimportant civilization but far more seriously the ongoing destruction of the very planet and the multitudes of other flora and fauna with whom it is our privilege to share space. Self-destruction I am informed by my more liberal friends is a basic human right, a viewpoint I might accept far more readily were mass murder and annihilation not an unrepentant part of the equation.

Was a time I fully admired indeed participated in the decrying of and calling for the control of all proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, focused primarily upon nuclear explosive devices and chemical or bacteriologic agents. That the campaigns were seemingly effective is perhaps less due to the overwhelming weight of the voices of the peaceable majority taking precedent over the aggressive few, rather the few realizing that such a melee of destruction was beyond the control of even their power hungered capabilities.

So we are left with a supposed balance of power, every one of the major cultural blocks having the capability at will to destroy all the others, implicitly accepting of course the consequential self-annihilation.

 The eternal stand-off, bloodless draw, devils pact, a condition equal and exactly similar to no one having precedence at all, excepting of course for the military industrial complex, continual funded by the majority of every nation’s wealth, as opposed to say, and here we finally complete our rather obtuse circle, any chance of long term lasting positive social transformation.

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