Ist October 2020

Everything we see, know, or believe is based upon one single paradox, that from the intangibility of nothingness was created the reality of all. Having accepted through the auspices of every known avenue of science and logic that such a highly unlikely anomaly is beyond any reasonable doubt correct, all other derivative considerations, acceptances, rules, principles, laws, are shown to be equally outrageous. Scientific, philosophic, and sociological constructs are but a house of irregular playing cards built upon a fast melting sheet of the thinnest transitory ice. However, due to the nature of the so called expanded human consciousness the imminent collapse of the monolith is quite likely impossible to any degree, as the alternative solutions are far more unsavory to the educated palate than simple pantomime. ‘Tis better to believe in the impossible than to accept that notions, feelings, beliefs that are beyond the scope of the accepted scientific model of observe, question, hypothesize, test, analyze, conclude, test, report. We accept creation is based on impossibility, but decry possibility not conforming to logical analysis.

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