30th September 2020

No one has the right to declare that prejudice is permissible. Preconception is anathema whether fashionable or passé, convenient, or inconvenient. Principles should rise above locale or timely consideration, should be based upon permanent unimpeachable ethical deliberation, without reference to any political, social, or religious opinion, for those are but fleeting smudges upon the annals of history. The renouncement of superstition through the Renaissance and Enlightenment enabled bigoted thought and practice to be relegated to those fires of infamy once fed by the flesh of free thinkers, philosophers, scientists and non-conformists, all martyrs to mankind’s dark and dismal past when knowledge and understanding were bracketed by fear and ignorance.

Of course the pattern of life insists that I should still bear bias however I wear those partialities proudly like medals of distinction upon my rib encrusted heart. My predisposition is now adamantly opposed to prejudgment, however seemingly obvious a fault or asserting factor might appear, accepting that the plain is invariably superficial. However, I am quite happy to reserve a special place in hell for those who bear false witness, or vainly attempt inappropriately to point out differences, distinctions, irregularities, between groupings where there are none. I recognize no variance in humanity no matter color, creed, or upbringing. The only divisions are individually, illogically, and self-interestedly imposed by each and every one of us.

Sometimes for no obvious reason my heart yearns for freedom, release from age, sensibility, studious contemplation, deeply philosophic consideration, wholly ridiculous and pointless self-engrossment. This emotion or contrariness takes me at no particular time, the only requirements for fulfillment being a stout pair of shoes, a swinging cane and hopefully some refreshing and invigorating company at the end of the jaunt. Today I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon in particularly good company, enwrapped in a circle inclined towards privacy, oft careful and minimal response, understanding of limits, slow to trust but unquestionably trustworthy, utterly devoid of intransigent prejudices. A cabal if you like of the irredeemable.

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