27th September 2020

The extant of our everyday presence, our involvement, relations, interrelations with the world, its happenstances and its populous, depend entirely upon the allowance we permit or equally deny for participation, involvement, interest. Connection requires definite positive activity, lack of a coupling mere lasse fair.  

Disassociation, as we have all so recently discovered, is far more difficult, soulless and inclined to the depressing than we previously might have imagined. Homo sapiens is not a solitary beast, quite opposingly is a creature desirous of the pack, the group, the herd, at least when the need to be solitary is enforced rather than voluntary. Isolation is magnificently appealing as long as we personally control the place, time, and manner of such a state, are suitably occupied, amused, distracted, unfettered, and authorized to revoke the lonely vigil at will.

A human placing themselves in voluntary isolation has the same needs  and wants as amidst the crowd, just simply has chosen to take a momentary step backward for convenience, rest, recuperation, meditation, personal space, all very reputable, understandable, even supportable reasonings, but all equally selfish, egotistical, self-obsessed, introverted, entitled.

An individual enduring enforced isolation for reasonings medical, criminal, psychiatric, social, general, specific dysfunction, authoritarian instance, had similar personal wants and needs, but is obliged to set them aside for a period outside of their own control. Their entitlement becomes persecution, rest and recuperation imprisonment, self-obsession self-loathing, meditation oppression, egoism self-effacement.

The step from public to private is slight and easily reversed, from isolation to integration is often vast and individually uniquely challenging. Much of our outward persona, the face we are obliged to display in public is a compote of carefully created makeup, planned appearance and demeaner, as well as well -rooted confidence. Almost any period of withdrawal from the arena diminishes these factors as well as those most basic of necessities, bravery, and trust.

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