20th September 2020

Belief, conviction, the basis of our collective and individual relationships with each other, the planet, the universe, the omega and the alpha whilst distinct are equally illusory.

When viewing far off mountain tops we all understand that the lower supporting slopes must be existent, they are just oft hidden from direct view by the very nature of topography. On a sunny day we quite clearly see the highpoints, the glistening snow topping each individual peak, but must formulate the underlying terrain artificially. On a gloomy day we are by necessity required to construct the entire range by mere conjecture, hopefully guided by education and experience but sometimes in a manner decidedly wild and wooly.

Our minds eye perceives in the self-same fashion, recognizing the obvious, the lit, the bold, then using extrapolation born of previously acquired knowledge to effectively bring recognizable form out of chaos. The human imagination is equally quite magically capable of performing the same a process in reverse, starting from any illusory point and producing a complete image of phantasmagorical fiction.

Concepts, ideas, interrelationships, all abstract considerations must logically be processed in the same manner.  The notion that our intellect is divide into two entirely different plains, the visual and the cognitive, makes no sense either from an evolutionary or practical standpoint. Evolution within our species was entirely similar to all other vertebrates, primarily disposed to immediate reactive decision making, fight flight, stop go, rest exercise. To suggest the sudden appearance mid-stream of a secondary purely human alternate first directive seems genetically improbable if not impossible.

One anomaly exists within the human psyche, perhaps uniquely, that defies understanding. It is the concept of magic, the existence of a reality beyond the obvious, a state of being that does not conform to the known rules of existence, including the supernatural, afterlife, heaven, hell, and sorcery. Some higher primates interestingly have been shown to recognize such oddities, but only as a point of interest or confusion, a blip upon the predictable screen of normalcy.

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