13th September 2020

Whilst perusing the all too common events unfolding on the brightly lit stage before my absentminded stare I found myself suddenly and surprisingly cognitive to the unfortunate condition of the performers suffering continuously beneath my casual gaze. Similarly to all the many participants in historical voyeurism, whether multitudinous Christians herded into the Colosseum or innumerable Semites hunted or corralled within the more pitiful streets of Europe, the thespians fulfill their role with a stoicism born more from stupidity than bravery, imploring hands and eyes having no real upon the  audience.

Mankind can be relentless beast, without pity when in the throes of his oppressive nature. Not for him the stewardship of the thoughtful predator consuming only what immediacy needs, aware that tomorrow will be another hungry day. Our lusts tend to the banal rather than thoughtful, with an infuriating need to worry to extinction for that most pointless of causes, base entertainment.

Humankinds capacity for mayhem and slaughter is without rival, consistently fails to differentiate between victim, considering self-eradication quite as acceptable as that of other species, casually erasing our fellow homo sapiens from existence with no more concern than that expressed towards a herd of cattle, a field of wheat, or an orchard flush with fruit. Fellow humans are often even considered as a drain upon society, rather than the positives expressed toward desirous nutritional forms of existence.  Thankfully, we have yet to reach the tipping point where cannibalism becomes an acceptable form of ethnic cleansing. Should such an happenstance ever occur no doubt the social scientists would abundantly mitigate any ethical questions such barbarities might raise.

Power within the human dynamic is not meant to be shared, any deviation from the simplest of hierarchy results in confusion and inefficiency. Man performs at his best in a regimented role, with a definite chain of command, a clear order, with attendant obedience. Rather as in the lion pride, a figurehead is unquestionably necessary, empowered through a downward progression of responsibility. Such primitive concepts of political and social order are of course anathema to the pseudo intellectual, particularly as democratic, socialist and equality driven societies are consistently obligated to revert in times of adversity to the feudalism they painfully overturned in the name of progress.

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