19th August 2020

Anyone who knows me reasonably well will confirm I am a violently passionate environmentalist; however my particular definition of that state might not necessarily represent the universal norm. I have a deep reverence for life, for creation if you will, whatever particular form that divisive description takes in your mind. Mine own thoughts have never been able to separate emotion from the physical, thought from tactile experience, the divine from science.

I happily admit to being one of those souls who avoids if at all possible interfering with, causing the passing of any form of existence, from ant to mammal, fly to ostrich, prawn to whale. Of course being a semi carnivore this presents many an ethical dilemma, as does Equally in hindsight the consumption of dairy, our brethren the vegetable and our sister the fruit. Grain is equally a life form worthy of consideration meaning that all flora and fawns are equally worthy of our protection. My rather trite but possible solution to this moral nightmare is even if I day it myself surprisingly simple but apt. I simply allow myself, within strict compass of course the same right to existence as any every other Organism within the construct we call reality.

 In fairness I must also place upon my existence the same limitations as I have been programmed to minister to other life forms, unnecessary culling, ritualized slaughter, removal of habitat, destruction of natural nourishment, removal from supposed non designated environs. Naturally, being human and therefore extraordinarily self-important I treat these limitations more as Vaguely suggested guidelines than hard and fast rules. But I hear you mutter we have evolved beyond such boundaries; indeed we have, evolved beyond our own environment and with unparalleled inconsideration stollen ‘lebensraum’, a word worthy of deep and heart felt contempt and just by its possible relevance a degree of shame beyond bearing to all our species.

My largest challenge in attempting to be a considerate, understanding and accepting environmental being in not the everyday interactions I enjoy with the myriad of other species flourishing even within this small and out of way corner of the planet, such experiences are invariably rewarding and wholly educational, rather they arise in dealing with the often aggressive, belligerent and singularly disruptive nature of mine very own kind. Please understand that I am in no way giving myself a pass in regard to this matter, having had almost seventy years to practice I can probably claim as good a grounding in the art of being predatorial and consummatory as any other of my species. Any attempts I might indulge to counteract the abounding negative effects created solely by my existence, whilst well-meaning are wholly inadequate in removing my overwhelmingly heavy footprint from both local environs and the universe as a whole.

Accepting that self-annihilation is not a prospect of any great personal attraction or imminent likelihood I am faced with that age old dilemma,  to somehow give meaning, purpose, logic to an existence that seems plainly weighted in the negative, the counterproductive, the destructive. A solution, perhaps not the best or most logical, or even the easiest is to deliver, is to have as little impact upon existence as is possible within the limitations of our ever-interfering natures. To be the eternal fly upon the wall if you will, ever kind, always thoughtful but unrepentantly unobtrusive.

I remember fondly many a  time spent as a laddie taking the pieces of a construction kit, slowly and meticulously sorting them, affixing them, hoping to make as accurate a representation of that always attractive picture on the boxes front cover as was within the capabilities of my still  developing skills. Thinking back the most important part of that whole process was not my dexterity, not the manufactures pressing of parts, no even the physical representations of picture and plan to follow, rather the undeniable magic at the core of the project was the transparent glue that bound it all together. How cosmically ironic would it be that the truth behind our existence is not to be the star on the spotlight, but rather the invisible glue that allows all and any others to shine.

Childhood assimilations oft represent as close a proximity to whole truth, to the secret of long-term success as might be elicited by careful consideration of the most elegant explanations of the finest scholars. If history has taught anything it is that learning by example or imitation is the most advantageous form of elucidation possible for the particular learning capabilities of the human species. Trial and error will invariably eventually succeed, were simple or complex instruction tends to fail dismally.

Perhaps in some strange way trying to find mankind an intrinsic place within the universe is itself fundamental error, sacrilege, heresy. Such a search would suggest humankind is especially served by the universe, is at the very core, much as pre-Galileo astronomy placed the Earth falsely as the center of the solar system. I find such homo-centric thought highly improbable, both from philosophical and chronological perspectives. Timewise we are a comparatively new branch upon the tree of life, a developing hybrid in process as opposed to any original stock. Philosophically we are more ivy than grass, living upon the planet wholly parasitically, as opposed to existing in any shape or form in concert or union.

If I am certain of anything it is in the fact that we are most certainly not gods, neither in form nor capability. To suggest divinity would deign to allow us to bear their image is hubris indeed, and hubris as we all know so well is original sin.

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