17th August 2020

  Having endured or enjoyed the class fraught British education system, still as doggedly set in the rigid structures of the late nineteenth century Empire hierarchy as ever was, I had hoped to find in these  United States a modern updated equivalence that would align,  match, foster and enhance the prospects of the populous at large. I must admit to some considerable degree of disappointment.

The supposed inclusive North American education is very pointedly biased in a manner to give decided advantage and disadvantage to specific groupings of individuals. The very pages of history seem to have been re-written to suggest a natural superiority in certain denominations whilst laying the yoke of eternal burden upon others. Nothing more explicitly proves this conjecture than the unambiguous codification of white European privilege in the apparently unquestionable language of the Constitution and the seeming equally unchangeable structure of hierarchy. Society is eternally set upon a slope, the chosen travelling easily downhill the unprotected trudging endlessly upwards.

One could easily be forgiven for assuming that the first tear to appear in this convenient  bag of thorns and thistles would  suggest to any cognitive onlooker that quite the majority of  so-called facts so consistently  quoted and  validated are in fact  little more than political and social propaganda. Unfortunately, the vast majority of scholars are unapologetically spoon fed naivete as one of their staple foodstuffs. Such gullibility is a construct having unique qualities. Whilst oft visible from the exterior the inherent failing tends to meld, becoming increasingly problematic to identify from within its diaphanous orb.

Any nations ideals, however, ethically sound they appear must by rote include blind spots, wholly obvious to the outsider but so integrated with the general perception as to overlooked or accepted by the majority of the citizenship themselves, the unquestionable cruelty of the Roman republic in its use of physical suffering both a means of control and public entertainment, the hypocrisy of the British Empire in its abuse of myriad peoples for economic and political gain, the unabashed utilization of genocide in repetitive examples of totalitarianism and racism.

Usury, whether physical, psychological, or exemplary is a blasphemy against the gods and any legitimate law alike. Have no illusion, slavery, servitude, financial and political oppression, superiority, entitlement, pomposity and intolerance are all equally heinous and unforgivable under any circumstance. Admission, contrition, reparation, and submission are neither sanitizing nor purifying, confession cannot erase original sin or ensure the supply of forgiveness.  Reality does not follow or obey the same rules as the spiritual, humanity is not divine and has no power to invest eternal or even temporary absolution. An unqualified acceptance of culpability is perhaps the only honorable response to what is unquestionably humanities overriding moral dilemma, to include an obsequious kowtow from this present moment ad infinitum.

Admitting to such pervading sin can perhaps be compared to attempting to remove a flawed weft or warp woven into the very fabric of society, any solution probably doing little more than exacerbating the original error. Humanity is perhaps irredeemably infectious, our one unfailing quality being that of a particularly effective relay partner. 

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