3rd August 2020

The defense of the indefensible is one of the indicators of impending breakdown. Any attempt to advance obvious falsehood as correct or manifest is simply an admission of the basic inability to differentiate betwixt reality and imagination or fancy.

Logical thought can oft be a twisted and unforgiving mistress, demanding a degree of constant attention generally beyond the realm of the mortal, a devotion if you will bordering upon the superhuman. The ability to focus direct forwards despite the many seductive and seemingly far more easily attainable possibilities presenting themselves in a constant   of asides requires not only supreme diligence but a volume of self-righteousness unusual to the extreme.

My maternal grandmother was a matriarch who would quite regularly suffer any number of buzzing bees in her bonnet. This circumstance was probably brought about simply by the fact that she was of quite possibly the last generations of ladies of distinction to regularly wear extraordinarily floral endowed straw bonnets throughout the summer months in a vain attempt to protect the milky skinned complexion so greatly admired by the beaus of that age. Her abilities to beleaguer any annoying flying stingers with wildly flailing hands or more correctly viscous incising words was renowned far and wide within her social circle.

Dorothy Violet Walsh suffered from all of the now wholly disapproved ‘isms’, to include racism, sexism, elitism, ethnonationalism and many another that history and time have thankfully erased from my memory. Please do not consider this listing of her limitations as criticism, I most certainly would never have dared to criticize my grandmother in life so to criticize her in death would be decidedly cowardly. She was very much a product of the period, a time rife with the last vestiges of good old-fashioned empiric pride and Caucasian supremist ideology. I have learned to avoid arguing or even discussing prejudices, having both witnessed and personally encountered quite so much from many a soul I found and still find very dear to my heart. The past should be accepted as very much a closed book, a lesson if you will about what was wrong and should and must be corrected.  Unfortunately, mankind has suddenly become very fixated with the living or just transpired past, where a longer perspective might add to the positive and suppress the negative. Again no criticism to the ‘woke’ or enlightened, rather a cautionary note that on occasion the pace of non-violent change is controlled by probability rather that possibility. The occasional dive into the ocean of conflict must I suppose be seen as a somewhat viable solution.

 The bee in the bonnet is of course a very polite way to explain a matter of extremely mild significance that causes inordinate distress to the individual offended. Such antagonisms tended in the distant past to remain singular at minimum possibly plural at maximum. Unfortunately amongst the many justifiable benefits of social media has been the sudden appearance of that wholly undesirable, easy proliferation. What was but a singular annoyance now with a modicum of inter web publicity and complicity becomes rumor, a trend, a conspiracy theory, even a completely erroneous factoid. Unfortunately the arrival of easily accessible information has somehow erased the ability to differentiate between validity and falsehood. Humanity has misplaced its truth sense.

History itself and books of histories specifically are full of erroneous factoids. I myself remember spending many a miserable school month over sixty years ago studying in great detail the Trojan wars, a period now recognized as being largely illusory.

The clarification or rewriting of ancient or even modern history, particularly in relation to philosophical or ethical considerations is while desirable wholly pointless. Time invariably erases the truth and instead indulges myth and legend. As an easily comprehendible historical perspective let us use the example of the present annus horribilis, twenty twenty’s hindsight will most definitely be improved with maturity, the longer the period of meditation the better.

 In a hundred years the death toll from the Covid 19 virus will still be astronomical but by comparison to say the usual proceeds from war, famine and disease in other years will represent but one peak in a continuous array of carefully catalogued mountains. In two or more centuries with the ever-increasing prevalence of pandemics, contagions and diseases double tops will seem to be almost innocuous.  In a millennium the actual events will be largely forgot, possibly regurgitated when some scholar or another requires substance or filler for a thesis or dry piece of literature, but by that time frame no doubt far more memorable disasters will befall mankind specifically or  the planet generally.

Humans are without exception arrogant, self-centered and supremely confident in their place at the very core of existence. For many that very miracle of creation is but a process for the nurturing and empowerment of humanity without any particular reference to or consideration for any other species, variety, or entity. Human kind is without fail an egocentric creature, no matter conviction or knowledge.

Hubris is the Achilles heel of the human race, to use a double Greek analogy. Extremely over confidence, full of pride and arrogance, quite certain that all and everything that the gods facilitate is for mankind’s benefit alone. This pretension claim, for which no evidence can be offered or discovered has and continues to allow the ruination of all simply for humanities materialistic needs, no matter cost, ecological damage, or indeed eventual planetary destruction. Regrettably hubris has but one cure, species eradication, truly the cruelest and most ironic of Zeus’s many jests.

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