1st August 2020

Life is controlled rightly or wrongly by choice. Choice may be delineated into well-defined groupings, namely impossibility, improbability, possibility, probability, reality. Any question must be considered in light of the position upon a sliding scale, noight being never under any circumstances, ten being entirely likely. The graph, the climb, the obstruction exists whether we like to accept or not, humans are born blindly into a groove, the capacity to ascend from its clawing grip is unfortunately purely arbitrary not bespoke.

Like the number resultant from the spin of a roulette wheel existence is wholly random, mysterious, beyond computation, a matter of luck, of chance, yet equally as with the casino game itself provisions can be made to improve the odds of winning. Such machinations are simply ways to improve the weight of probability, for example betting odd/even or black/red but can never completely erase the possibility of miss chance.

There is no overriding force that eliminates or overwrites choice, no genetic, Darwinist or hereditary constraint that eliminates free will. We are all the creations in life of our own making, allowed a freedom of decision not permitted to lesser more instinctual creatures. Our emotions, desires, appetites, imaginings, effectively all our desires and hopes are self-inflicted, whether by agreement or allowance. Natural limitations may pertain, yet fundamentally the capacity for choice is ever present, even if only on the most fundamental of levels,  the decision to progress or fall back, to turn left or right, to join or stand alone, to exist or vacate. Marionettes we may appear, but partially strung at worst, ever with the capacity for uncooperative, unprovoked, and unexpected bloody mindedness. Such unheralded truculence being the stuff of the lives of the martyrs. Self-deprivation is not a matter for public scorn or necessarily private regret, a performance if played well and with fervor is, even if fabricated as acceptable a life choice as being entirely and quite boringly diaphanous.  The choice to be complicated is likely as sure a means to turn possibility to probability as can be easily envisaged, simple is unlikely to own the capacity to adapt.

Perhaps worthy of some debate is the populaces ability to foster and accept change. Choice offers direction, change allows correction for all too often erroneous decisions. The relationship between change and choice suggests consideration, ever deepening thought and understanding, an ability to alter direction as soon as error is recognized and afore disaster is unavoidable. This ability to diagnose on the cusp is unfortunately directly opposed to human nature, which generally marches in a predictably straight line no matter restriction or obstacle. To alter mindset is difficult, to indulge action can prove impossible, once started on a course humanities rudder is decidedly swollen and difficult to manipulate whatever the impending weather. Repetition, duplication, and the maleficent grip of de ja vu persists irrationally. Choice is not necessarily indicative of free will, of autonomous decision making, predesign, planning or consideration, but often simply the roll of dice, a hand dealt, the randomly drawn lottery number. Choices connect with design is felonious, in actuality it is often but pure unadulterated serendipity, the will of the gods as were.   

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