23rd July 2020

A hat, some polished shoes, and a walking cane
 Deliver me to places far and near
 At a pace that makes for Thoughtfulness
 Consideration and clear thinking.

Not for me the frantic rush
 Driven on by gasoline addiction
Rather the price of leather is my cost
 Carefully stitched by old world artisans.
I can smell the reckless speed you seek
 Taste the burning detritus from your brakes
 But I am quite content to be an ambler
 Extending time is victory at my age.

3 thoughts on “23rd July 2020

  1. I quite agree! You are wise and lucky! I hope my life soon will align with a similar pattern. And I often dream of an Orcas that no longer allows cars, or limits us to days and hours. What if traffic (including airplanes) were allowed Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, and then not again until Wednesday afternoon, very etc., leaving long swathes of time when only nature spoke?


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