22nd July 2020

Strange and largely erroneous considerations that cause unnecessary fear and dissension betwixt and between factions of the Vox populi, otherwise categorized as and wholly incorrectly nominated as conspiracy theories.

Such phenomena have ever existed, resultant from the often bizarre machinations invariably to be found interlaced in any stream of consciousness or train of logical connections, perhaps discovered down some unfortunate scholarly alleyway where the truth has become indistinguishable from myth, maybe in that odd mathematical universe where two and two can quite obviously produce the sum of five, or most and simply due to the overwhelming portion of paranoia that sits atop any human concept,  a large scoop of vanilla ice cream ready to melt, seep into and invest every portion of delicious and wholly seductive pudding.

History, literature both fictional and factual, religions, legends and myths are openly coated with the essence of conspiracy, as long as there have been two correspondents there has been a third malignant interposer.  The Adam, Eve and the Serpent eternal triangle.

It occurs that such inane feelings are not dissimilar to the emotion of love and attraction, oft wholly undesirable or mysterious in origin, liable to cause paralysis in action and logical behavior, quite possibly divisive and probably isolationist. Passionate behaviors are seldom commensurate with sociability, they are inclined to produce a catalogue of negative and distancing behaviors, jealousy, separation, irrationality, argumentativeness.  

Belief in great but hidden truths, the certainty that life whilst seeming arbitrary is in fact controlled and cleverly manipulated by person or god unknown is the very rub at the core of human kind, the alpha and omega of creating hope then crushing dreams. It is quite naturally so much easier to blame outside influence for any setbacks than bad decision making or just inappropriate and mistimed action. So very very human, so utterly Johnny on the spot.

The most problematic truth to swallow is that morbidly obvious factoid that failure is our one sure accomplishment, that whatever success we manage in life death is sure to follow. Far easier to blame a third person than accept the limits of the human condition.

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