21st July 2020

The governance of a village, town, city, county, state, or country requires above all else altruism, that all too often lacking ability to see beyond mere facts and figures to the social causes and effects existing beneath the surface.. Strict commercial of financial genius has many useful gifts to aid successful government but has no capacity to function in an self-sacrificial manner, profit, balance of payments, indeed economy generally is the exact opposite if not sworn enemy of the selfless polity. This combination of consideration, compassion and public-spiritedness must originate in the hearts and minds of the Vox populi, spring from a general consensus of decency and goodwill, especially responsibility and respect.

Today, amidst my daily saunter I was suddenly reminded of a particular interior design fad that occurred from memory in the late eighties and nineties, namely the passion for beautifully finished and highly polished solid wood flooring. Naturally, as with all truly desirable interior design fashions the product was ridiculously expensive, entirely impractical and almost impossible to upkeep satisfactorily. I can fully understand the desire to escape the wall to wall deep shag or twill carpeting of the sixties and seventies, another  innovative  ‘Home and Garden’ solution to a purely functional requirement,  quite adequately  previously serviced by boarded oak or pine flooring and loose fit carpets and rugs since the middle ages.

Of such import was this obsession with keeping their sanded and oiled surface in perfection that family pets would be declawed to avoid superficially damage and visitors, invited or otherwise, were obliged to remove their own footwear to gain access to inner sanctums. I of course was equally sheep like in following these requests, they being neither of great consequence to myself nor directly or indirectly harmful. I would not necessarily say that consideration is a quality that never automatically dripped from my pores, but an individual’s home is their castle no matter rank, social, political or financial standing. The owner is in this circumstance the governance, an autocracy in effect, the visitor necessarily respecting, accepting and following the local rule however seemingly bizarre of inconvenient. Life can really be that simple, like being right-handed in Arabia.

Much store is presently placed upon the concept of freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of conviction. In consequence of these expected and eagerly grasped entitlements little to no allowance is made for the similar or quite possibly opposing freedoms of interested, affected or inconvenienced third parties. Unlimited individualism of expression and desire calls for extreme spatial configurations if we are not to be constantly dancing upon each and every other person’s aspirations. In general humanity, as can be proposed with Darwinian elegance, is not a particularly successful singular animal, functioning at best in a group or societal framework.  Hereditary development has largely focused in the areas of interdependency and communal functionality, our language, diet, motivation, work, social conditioning, raison d’être as where wholly constructed around a unilateral existence. Unlimited or uncontrolled freedom are both in direct opposition to a well-regulated society, effectively anarchistic in sentiment as opposed to what would generally be construed as civilized or orderly. One man’s freedom oft results in another man’s prison.

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