20th July 2020

Long distance hugging seems a thing
 Hips a mile apart and jutting back
 As if the mere proximity might indicate
 A degree of intimate yearning.

 I remember proper bear hugs
 Squeezing so hard your ears popped
 With such prolonged body contact
 Accidental pregnancies could occur.

Simpler times, when oysters went in stew
For walrus’s and Carpenters to enjoy
 Before the world discovered dark Alice
 And her terribly questionable friends.
 Perhaps it was the drugs
 So prevalent in my youth,
 Available on each street corner
 Next to the newspaper stand.

 Every day was psychedelic and peaceable
 Till Monterey stilled the good vibrations
Reducing love and hope to angry gang signs
Tagged up high on crumbling ghetto wall.

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