19th July 2020

The lake is sick
And foaming at the mouth,
Well, actually it’s just one edge
But even so… … …

 Can you send a Physic?
 Or an ecologic wonder kid
 I am sure that one exists
 Somewhere in Olga
 Seems that sort of real holistic spot.

 I like your clothes
 Are you going somewhere special?
 A constant enquiry I endure
 With patience personified.
Nowhere special I reply
 Each day I dress the same
 Change from my silken nightclothes
 Into pressed items from my walk-in closet.
You mean you live here all the time?
 Fall, winter, summer and spring?
 Doesn’t it drive you mad
 The solitude, the lack of convenience.

  I nod, discussion would be pointless
 And lead to a harsh comparison,
 Them standing there in crumpled togs
 Pulled that morning from a canvas hold-all.

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