16th July 2020

E cigarettes and unleaded coffee
Definitely won’t cut it
Given the chemical mix
A body generally craves to wake

Sure the morning still comes
Arrives with boring repetition
Following a night disturbed
By pernicious hopes and dreams 

Carefully noted
Tasks that need performing

Events to force a smile
Curling otherwise straightened lips

The need for nourishment
To feed a body and soul

And after all, its really no one’s fault
That your life is futile
And collapsing inwards
Like some sodden cardboard box
In a pee stained doorway
Long overdue for demolition

Beware of raggedy men
That seem fun and interesting
But will prove eternally ravenous
Stealing space and time from your life

They fill every moment with adventure
Running, endlessly always running
Towards a place that waits patiently
For you to say goodbye.

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