11th July 2020

It is universally accepted that to create a homogenous and vibrant society it is necessary to set aside certain otherwise desirable freedoms in pursuit of unity. This precept applies no matter the political or social structure, whether inclusive, divisive, monocratic, democratic, a patriarchy or gender equalized. 

Freedom is a wholly abstract word having no inclusions or exclusions, no defined parameters beyond those formulated at the foundation of the state. Every nation, even those claiming commonality have clear differences in the comprehension of this singularly desirable and consistently venerated concept. Some form of the condition described as freedom will be found in the most rigid or loose examples of totalitarianism, dictatorship, theocracy, monarchy, republic, democracy or anarchy. The word remains cumulative and obligatory, but the meaning obliquely circumvents accurate and precise description. One society’s freedom can easily be construed as another’s oppression or confinement.

I, with the majority of the western Vox populi am inclined to favor some approximation of democracy, rule by consensus as opposed to decree. The origins of democratic government bear little resemblance to the present accepted form, particularly in areas of inclusivity. The question of voter eligibility has closely followed the liberalization and equalization of society in general, firstly by access, then class, gender, and finally by age. Each sea change represents a major societal upheaval, likely leading to discord, resentment, and recrimination, oft bubbling beneath the surface for decades and on occasion breaking out into public strife after even wholly justifiable corrections have been set into place.

As hard a right battle inclusion proves in any social hierarchy that victory tends to be treated casually, lackadaisically by a large percentile of the nation’s voters, some society’s even having to take the quite extraordinary step of making voting a legal requirement. Humankind is bellicose in demands but strangely lacking in the shouldering of responsibility, as if the real point or purpose of suffrage is to make any elected body the  scapegoat for universal blame.  

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