10th July 2020

Dignity, the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect, having unbending principle and self-esteem, to rise above the mundane, to show modesty, pride, and nobility, quietly and with great discretion. There are many qualities that encompass aged manhood, echo courtliness, shout decency, propriety, gravitas and augustness, all without exception demonstrate the condition of dignity.

Men do not age well, they are inclined to slovenliness, disregard for detail and presentation, are oft tardy in necessary hygiene and inattentive to appearance and manner. The feminine of the species as a whole does better, tends toward towards spatial awareness, is disinclined to molder, to allow themselves publicly to proclaim decrepitness. Pride is a word inclined now towards association, yet in its common meaning represents the best and most desirous qualities reflecting venerability. Casualness so easily descends to the unkempt, unsuitable, disorderly, disheveled or bedraggled. Youth can carry off such disadvantage, even revel in the scruffy and shabby chic, the doddering septuagenarian can expect no such allowance. Two days unshaven doth not make a beard, neither do denim work pants scream new age, sixties revival or hipsterism. Eccentricity and style in most definitely an indicator of experience, wrinkled, dirty and mismatched simply scream indolence and torpidity.

I well remember a time when the only suit of clothes the average working man possessed was the one issued to him by a grateful government for his service to the nation’s call. Such suiting’s were probably the only made to measure, or at least altered to fit items he would ever have and where therefore cared for with the deference and respect deserved of such prestige items. Rolled out on high days and holidays to test their newly earned and acquired social equality, worn for church, for interviews, courting, public memorials, the two or three pieces represented in their quality and workmanship the very best, the ideal of respect and decency.

Without foundation the soundest wall will crack and crumble. As leads structure so most assuredly must follow irregularity.

One thought on “10th July 2020

  1. Trevor, this is yet another lovely picture.

    I wear jeans most times because I am working. They are always clean. Today I dug thistles. I love to dress up but feel many times I don’t have the occasion, perhaps I should make the occasion more.

    We miss you


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