29th June 2020

We experience and endure wintertime, experience and endure the coronavirus, experience and endure social unrest, experience and endure vacation season, Mortal existence is at times inclined to appear an endless array of strife, to be accepted and hopefully outlasted. Some foes are natural reoccurring, to be oft encountered and conceivably somewhat prepared against. Seasons arrive and dissipate without exception, the trials they carry beyond avoidance but hopefully alleviable through practice and preparation. Other sparing partners are self-inflicted, caused by poor choice, lack of foresight or just downright bloody mindedness. Humanity has one overpowering fault, inane stupidity, an outrageous predestined foible to ignore quite obvious chasms and whenever possibly teeter upon their edge till gravity combined with genetically gifted lightheadedness takes its toll.

Life had a tendency of being disappointing on occasion, in all honesty far too often for general comfort, events that seem to conclude in a positive win turn out in actuality to be a mild to serious loss if not an utter disaster. Hindsight is most decidedly twenty twenty, whereas premonition is all too often the most disingenuous of masters. In most matters it is far preferable to lean towards pessimism, ensuring that the eventual and wholly predictable downfall will prove less crushing at final curtain call.

The Victorian age is often touted as the greatest period of world expansion and advancement, yet Victorians themselves tended to be dour individuals, somber and inclined towards a naturally misery befitting their dark and sober existence. Men and women who placed an undue importance in laborious discovery and production, eventually and quite happily painting the planet in a heavy enough coat of coal dust to outlast a century of diligent countermeasure.

Even mankind’s so called golden age proves to be little more than illusion, an imagining of a world before industrialization and human greed found a successful way to eradicate natural splendor,  an era quite literally cursed with the worst of excesses, oppression, disease, conflict, persecution and slavery.

I am inclined to sometimes wonder if those first hesitant steps towards self-empowerment, education, inclusion, when individuals looked beyond their simple hope and desire for food, shelter and continuance was indeed the foundation of our downfall.   Nature is in her glory generally inclined towards interdependence, a system whilst often cruel and predatory is somehow cohesive. The upright walking ape is no easy fixture in such a picture, inclined towards too many variables, far too clever and conniving, with an almost unique inclination to kill for sport and from personal animus, wasting the product of eons of selective genetic development without even a cursory consideration. If this planet is the labyrinth then humanity is the psychotic Minotaur trapped within, ill-tempered and remorselessly starving.

I read a most perceptive and enlightened perspective today. A brave and deep-thinking soul pointed out that no matter how hard the individual may try they can never place themselves in a position to comprehend the intrinsic physical and emotive issues without firsthand experience. A good starting point for comprehending. I seem to recall the old adage that is is always advisable to test the temperature of the milk in before feeding the baby.

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