25th June 2020

I am particularly prone to being turned off by catch phrases, to find fashionable throwaway idioms at best confusing at worst repellent. Jingoism, slang, hip speak has been around for as long as language itself,  has been alternately the property of the secretive, the populist, the effete, the staid, the young, the set in their ways, the individualistic, the hoi palloi, the poor, the rich, the antagonistic and the harmless. In general they are elitist, breed exclusivity, divide as opposed to unite, simplify the complicated, complicate the simple, are inclined to oppose the very purpose of their invention, to foster and spread a commonality in awareness.

Fads are particularly tiresome, far too boisterous in their inception, and sure to eventually deflate with the same certainty as a helium filled celebratory birthday balloon. This is not to suggest that momentary surges in ideas, concepts and especially socially important realizations are a bad thing, but does perhaps suggest that they tend to be  in commonality fleeting and as quickly  replaced by the next new best thing as they in their time were promulgated.

Every age is a sea of trouble, an ocean of woe to be carefully explored, notated, and reproduced to avoid the constant sinking and loss of those precious vessels containing the treasure of humanities thoughts and discoveries, well considered and documented for posterity.  The common thread between centuries, bridging one proto civilization to the next is language, ever developing, expanding, adapting to new and previously unrecognized situation and experiences, creating a pathway to be followed from past, through present, to expansive all-inclusive future.

Such clarion development must surely be an easy accomplishment, clear unvacillating progress towards everyone’s chosen spiritual nirvana? Unfortunately no, like so many seeming straightforward and logical roads, any forward momentum is invariably pockmarked with chasms, roadblocks and worst of all multitudinous puppies and unicorns to distract and pacify our senses. The notion that positive progress is in any way balked by non-awareness is a wholly fallacious position. People are largely fully aware of the most heinous social issues, but simply prefer to window shop at Macys.

A wholly separate issue, but equally galling to individuals of a certain age, is the constant reappearance of issues that memory, quite possibly erroneously memory, is inclined to suggest have already been recognized, highlighted, thoroughly investigated, and resolved. That society doth appear to be fixated upon some constant merry go round with no end in sight is overpoweringly tiring, oft resulting in the almost sophomoric state of being confusedly thought by the ‘new woke’ (as opposed to the previous new woke who are now the past woke and present unwoken)  to be disinterest or non-awareness.  

Quite obviously there is a decidedly bad apple in the barrel, a shark in the fishpond, a hole in the bucket! Something, someone, some happenstance, some reality, some uncontrollable entity that takes ‘the woke’   insight and reimagines or molds it into a form that had not the slightest effect on the issue at hand however hard pressed. The mysterious and practically invisible perpetrator is of course the system, wholly designed and manufactured to ensure as little change as possible in as long a period of time as practical. The self-perpetuating blot in a governmental copy book entitled Democracy.

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