18th June 2020

Yes I am a Timelord
Treading softly through the centuries
Voyeurism My favorite drug of choice
Methadone against the mundane
Yet I hate time
Distrust the past
Avoid the present
Fear the future
Run when I could walk
Walk when I could stand
And shun the company of humans
Likening them to contagion
Except for one
My pond
My river
My fox

Yes I am a Timelord
Given to talk through sphinx's words
Defying logical expectation for chance
Risking everything on red
Spinning the wheel
Letting chance rule
Never a reserve
Moving all in
No fallback plan
Gambling against the odds
Wagering My very existence
On a species that have barely learned to walk
And disappoint each day without exception
Except for one
My pond
My river
My fox

Yes I am a Timelord
With a dozen regenerations left behind
And only Trenzalore awaits my footstep
Still heavy with Adams clinging clay 
Hat slightly tilted
Cravat of course
And garish plaids
Always a necessity
To keep persona ever intact
To show the universe invulnerability
For My mortality must ever remain
Hidden from all sentient view
Except the one
The pond
The river
The fox

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