17th June 2020

It has ever been my habit in these most difficult of times, when life’s dark purpose is inadvertently hid behind dense cloud or equally impenetrable fogs to turn to him, my most irascible of comrades for words both apt and all-embracing to the tee.

He is a soul of little outward merit, uncompromising, oft argumentative, wholly self-absorbed, but with a mastery of word and phase ever capable of taking the most dumbing of moments and with a seeming Satanic of Angelic ease, either being beyond the average souls capacity, spout bellicose, affecting, all encompassing, beautiful yet frightful phrases encapsulating shadings of event or individual I might have conjured  in some perfect  effusive universe imagined but never entered  with  wonderous ease, in torrent from approximate sketch to delineated and colored aspect.

Such loquaciousness is now considered dated and unnecessary when photographic image or electronically encapsulated playback can so easily be laid before the viewers lazy eye, yet never can simple two dimensional presentation succeed or even hope to capture that most profoundly necessary   of perspectives, depth.

I remember speeches, rich, creamily verbacious,  captivating the essence of some otherwise dry and tasteless noun, sautéed in  wordiness, enriched with hot and tantalizing spicey adjectives, perhaps some roasted low level  stool pigeon providing protein,  salt and pepper for taste, laid in glorious  opulence upon a gilt platter of noodles still with bite.

Such monologues when woven thrill us all, plump our collective chest and paint heart felt emotion broad across otherwise stoic jowls. Matter not the closeness to reality, we ever seek in fiery or emotionally charged discourse little more than the familiar feel of comfortable clothes, easily slipped over whatever plain and shapeless uniform society deems we generally must endure. No caterpillar through chrysalis to wonderous butterfly this transformation, rather a forest of misplaced and previously forgotten mannequins cunningly bedecked with momentarily fashionable finery, guaranteed to fray and dissipate through the gentlest of wash cycles.

Any room that has a picture of a young and wistful Fox Mulder prominently projected upon  the wall must positively sit within the enclaves of the eternally conspiratorial brotherhoods, areas which by definition are located within the   rabbit hole.

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