4th June 2020

The Strange History and Legend of the Moran Moor

Extract Twelve. Consequences, Immediate and Generational

Human behavior is nothing if not predictable. Within but a few days of the meeting and smoldering conflagration betwixt Čəse’lqeel’č’ and  Julien Lasalle-Bargossa the prospective peace between the tribes vying for spiritual and geographic control of the island chain had melted as completely as do the heavy snows that fall yearly just a few kilometers further to the north.

Accordingly Čəse’lqeel’č’ was obliged, with her accompanying maidens, to return to the tribal longhouse on the mainland close by the Samish river estuary. Her parting with Julien must have been heartrending, emotive beyond imagining, full of promises and vows for reunification at the earliest of possible opportunities. Julien for his part would with true gallic flair have wept prodigiously no doubt and shown that unique combination of Janissary stoicism and bravery inherited from his mother line. He gathered to himself all useful tools and implements his recently enjoined companions could spare, inclusive of knives, hatchets, bows and spears. He was after all a creature of violent training and persuasion when roused, as all adventurers of his age were by necessity molded.

Returning briefly to the coastline Julien would have been able from the cover of the heavily overgrown tree line watched his love Čəse’lqeel’č’ clamber into an awaiting deep-water canoe to be ferried back to the mainland as required by her familial rank.  Any thoughts of him being considered suitable company and allowed to accompany her return journey were of course totally unthinkable, even her unquestioned adoration would have been totally inadequate to protect Julien from the bloody fate his unexpected appearance would surely have provoked.

And so it was a solitary and circumspect young mariner who retraced the pathway to the lagoon and lakes, ever aware of the practices of camouflage and concealment Čəse’lqeel’č’ and her maidens had so studiously illustrated. Unquestionably his hopes would have held tightly to the prospect of a rapid reuniting, but of course skunk cabbages not being scented kings time would not favor such an easy and superlative outcome.

For her part Čəse’lqeel’č’ kept her secrets close to her heart, at least till the passing of but a few moons expanded her abdomen to show that the seed of their love was well on the way to producing fruit.

The ways of the humans are much more enlightened than thoseof the soon to arriving pale skinned savages. Čəse’lqeel’č’ sudden and unexpected pregnancy was greeted with joy from all, for she had left her father’s lodge a mere child and returned a whole women, a mother, that most holy of the great spirits creations.

No questions no lies is a good way to be. Life is precious no matter its origin, for the line of the mother is ever paramount.

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