3rd June 2020

The Strange History and Legend of the Moran Moor

Extract Eleven. Incompatible, Sensibility and Desire

Who can say when the overwhelming force of attraction first toppled our pair into the ever-present waters of physical desire and action? Perhaps it was that first night spend beneath the star festooned skies of this mystical and magical isle, perhaps the second, perhaps the third. All that is historically and legendarily certain is that before this incongruous  couple were enforced by circumstance to part  human nature with its unique conundrum of feeling and emotion had begun that process that is bound in the fruition of time to produce from two principles  a third.

We will spare description of exact circumstance and location, except to say that the ancient waters of lagoon and twin lakes knew the process, much as they bear witness each year to the wondrously memorable athleticism of the kokanee as they struggle upstream to spawn.  

The realization amongst Two Moons female entourage that any chance of a continuation on her preplanned marital course was now improbable if not impossible must have been both immediate and troublesome. The women’s support and understanding for their princess would naturally have been overwhelming, what better way for maid to morph into womanhood than through a sudden overwhelming realization of the wonder of true love and its joyous physical expression. The modern so-called civilized human is inclined to downplay the importance of natural and unavoidable circumstances in matters of the heart, suggesting that mind should and does have some overriding control over passion. This is of course a false narrative, one created by the those very worst emotions of our now overly complicated existence, jealousy, and pride.

It is easy to imagine the joy that must have engulfed the company that next morning, the realization that a respected and loved member of their number had transformed overnight, releasing fear and singularity to be filled with the wonder of unity and completion. Who amongst us has not recognized and indulged such mutual primal connections, reveling and commiserating in another’s journey from one age to the next? That we feel an overwhelming necessity to moralize, to complicate, to somehow excuse what is a naturally integrated process withing our psyche speaks much against the imagined ever increasing enlightenment of our species. To lose wonder, joy, the sudden and unheralded outpouring of inherent knowledge, these are omissions that question our very right to consider ourselves any longer an integral part of the universal design.

What point advancement, when the step forward simply reduces that which makes us whole, dilutes what was once pure and perfect, muddies the clear pristine water of a mountain stream into fetid soup.

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