20th May 2020

The British Pantry.
Seduced by your charms so easily
Following your every movement
A cobra captivated by your music
Hypnotized by lilting sway
And HP sauce.
Remembering cold rainy days
When all that mattered were dry clothes
A good fire blazing in the hearth
Maybe a little tv
Steak and kidney pudding
And Bisto gravy.
Afternoon tea with in-laws
Conversation about the match
The Ks might win this year
Get the F A Cup once more
Celebrating up and down
The streets running thick
Like buttered crumpets.
God I love you so
Insanely, utterly
Without doubt
Not a question
From the first
Needing you like
Pie needs custard.
Jammy Dodgers
Custard Creams,
Nice, Digestives,
Rich tea, buttered and plain,
Biscuits all, sweet and perfect
Like you, my weakness
Dipped into the cup
Freshly poured and stirred
The tea that is my soul.

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