17th May 2020

The volume of fear permeating our society I find uniquely disturbing. I have grown accustomed to mankind’s inherent fear of accident, of infection, but this all-consuming fear of death, that which with taxes is the only unavoidable circumstance in life, entirely mystifying.  

 I find the overpoweringly invasive fear of human interaction equally vexing. At times through my lifetime I have of been threatened, assaulted, attacked, vilified, but to date never found myself becoming filled with deep distress or panic by the simple appearance of another individual in my avenue. Such irrational is as debilitating as any virus and equally as contagious.

Governments have historically and highly sensibly chosen to pass laws against the act of shouting fire in a movie theater. Thus far we have yet to see the need for prohibiting shouting plague in the street, yet such ordinances may be considered necessary in times when such a simple inflammatory expression might easily result in mass hysteria and unwarranted violent overreaction. Words can kill extraordinarily efficiently.

Cascade Lake, 16th May 2020, a rainy days walk…

I like to consider myself quite a straightforward and well-adjusted individual but even I, at my most calm and balanced,  am inclined to to feel the tentacles of mass irrationality begin take shape and influence, begin to look questioningly at those not acting in a manner I consider safe and politic, which is of course wholly idiocentric behavior. We all would undoubtably be better rewarded by concerned ourselves with those instilling such a degree of open hostility and fear mongering.

As the weeks turn to months and the months turn to seasons these concerns will undoubtably fester and multiply. The reality that this present so called ‘unprecedented’ situation is not inclined to evaporate will slowly start to grip the general populous throat in the most fearsome of manners, choking the sanctuary of remembered better days from heart and memory.

 It seems that any cure is as far off as it ever has ever been and probably as ever will be. Any successful recourse is going to require wholehearted adoption, correction, and unprecedented social discipline, three degree of clarity that most of humanity has somehow managed to out evolve. Life will perhaps tragically perhaps thankfully require a step backward to ensure continued progression.

Rough Skinned Newt, 16th May 2020, quiet but deadly!

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