15th May 2020

Compromise is the one accumulated skill that had thus far prevented homo sapiens from destroying itself and much of the associated planet. Mankind is a particularly fighty beast, especially considering our total inadequacy for physical combat of any form. Certainly our inquisitive brains and reversable thumbs have allowed us to invent and manufacture many weapons of individual and mass destruction, but alone and unarmed we are way, way down the listing of predatorial species with which we inhabit this spinning rock.

The ability to parley has ensured that thus far in our evolvement might has never successfully overpowered right, power never trumped consideration, enmity erased compassion. Even at our most violent and divided of periods somehow a peaceable solution has manifested to allow survival, continuance, relationship, and unity.

Catastrophes result not only in physical upheaval but also mental and social instability. What is more threatening than an invisible, impervious enemy who endangers the very continuance of our species. Disease, plague, contagion, pandemic have even been our fiercest and most belligerent foes.

14th May 2020

Helplessness is a most destructive emotion. That gut feeling that no matter whet you do you are bound to at minimum lose at maximum be obliterated. Some emotions are beyond our ability to negate easily, presenting situations, fears, threats that even our most intellectual manipulations are unable to turn, juxtapose or mitigate. Mankind is at heart still a tribal animal so naturally the most disturbing, anxiety driving force is unmeasurable isolation, especially a scenario where what we desire most, human interaction, is our darkest deadliest foe.

Perhaps twenty twenty is not only hindsight, but equally predictive, and we whom seem all powerful, all controlling, pure and unquestionable, are no more invincible than the spiders web casually sweep away by our careless and oft unnecessary insistence on enforcing our own progression.

Suddenly and perhaps quite crazily I am drawn to the fictional universe of Bram Stokers wonderous invention Count Dracula. A world infected by a madness originating from the bite of a bat, spreading unhindered from soul to soul, village to village, nation to nation, silently, stealthily, unseen, undetected, invulnerable. Dracula eventually fell to cooperation, compromise, but largely to pure chance, yet his viral residue remained inviolable.

Goosey Goosey Gander wither do you wander? 14th May2020

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