12th May 2020

On my walk today I witnessed a Bald Eagle take a rodent from the road some twenty feet ahead of me with pinpoint accuracy. The capture was executed and timed with extraordinary efficiency, the swooping dissent, capture and re-assent to a far treetop took a maximum of three wing beats.

The interactions I have with the Eagles have nothing to do with luck, skill or avian  knowledge, rather I am quite certain that the wondrous birds observe me for more than I observe them,  no doubt following my daily progress along the ways and byways with contentious disinterest, I cannot imagine they perceive my presence as either threat, my movements by comparison being both slow and ungainly, not I imagine as prey, being far too unattractive a morsel for their epicurean appetite. I am no doubt just another piece of Orcas miscellany, momentarily eye catching but in the final measure of no particular worth.

I have often considered upon my demise being raised upon a platform to serve as a fine selection of cold cuts to these perfect birds of prey. I would consider such but a suitable repayment for the hours of pleasure they have provided me in life.

I believe I may have mentioned before that my great uncle Charles had a fascination with all things piscatorial. A partner in the Macfisheries empire he was an avid sports fisherman, an excellent manufacture of his own split cane rods and of course any number of lures and fancies. He spent much of my youth attempting to educate me in the finer points of sea and river fishing, unfortunately I was far too inclined towards boredom and daydreaming to ever accomplish any major success.

Having suffered an ongoing alignment with tuberculosis from childhood Charles and his wife May found it their onerous duty to refrain from having children due to the erroneous scientific thought concerning hereditarian transmission of the period. Being the nearest the couple would experience to a son attention was lavished upon me endlessly, my merest wish became as important to them as would have been a royal decree.

I always considered that they had the perfect relationship, supportive, loving, considerate. Imagine my surprise in later years to find out that Charles was in fact a brute, a man inclined to answer questions from his spouse with his fists more than with his vocal cords. This was perhaps my first unveiled glimpse at the oft hidden and duplicitous nature of human relationships.

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