6th May 2020

Tuesday p.m. and my first saunter into the Moran State Park since the easing of isolation regulations just yesterday.

Approaching the Palisades entry point I find myself wondering what changes I will perceive, generally thus far  I have noted no great increase in traffic movement, no particular hurry up, everything  much at the same levels as I experienced on my  ventures out this last Saturday and Sunday.

Entering Palisades Drive, exactly opposite what is without doubt my absolutely favorite holiday rental on the entire island, I am immediately confronted by four vehicles parked far more correctly than had been the case in recent times, when parking has been decidedly haphazard. A little closer and I am able to see one further vehicle to make a sum total of five which is in fact exactly the same number as I remembered from Sunday.

My first impression upon passing from carpark to Moran proper. Although the overall noise volume is no different from closure levels, noticeably the underlying contribution from birds and insects has greatly reduced if not almost vanished with the now increased encroachment of humanity.

Bridge to Nowhere First View 5th May 2020

Having reached the juncture of lagoon and lake I am inclined simply to stand a few minutes and admire humanity in its joyous escape from isolation. I can see three Boats on the lake, two seemingly fishing and one canoe/kayak, I am non craft literate, simply exercising on the far side of the lake. There are perhaps ten to fifteen people milling around the grass aside the swimming area with parked accompanying vehicles neatly drawn up behind.

So far I have witnessed at close proximity  some six walkers, four younger people whom were while without mask practicing social distancing and a couple I know exceeding well who spending as they do their entire life together do not understandedly find distancing one from the other at all necessary.

How strange that even the effect of watching fishing is somehow so calming the restful. I do hope those daring and hardy souls afloat upon the lake have an entirely successful and pleasant day.

Fishing Cascade lake 5th May 2020

I have decided to celebrate what is a beautiful summers day with sailor blue skies and abundant sprouting green foliage by venturing for the first time in over two months across the bridge to nowhere to eventually circumnavigate the lake in its entirety.

The bridge to nowhere has of course attracted a number of cannonballing lads whom full of the excitement of this sudden freedom of exercise forgot any consideration of either basic social distancing or the need to utilize a facemask. This is totally understandable. I have no doubt that in the same circumstances my own youthful self would have reacted and acted in exactly the same manner. Youth has many advantages, social conscience or perspective are not two that readily spring to mind.

My circuitous route eventually leads me to lower camp having probably passed fifteen individuals travelling the opposite way, five adults and ten children, none of whom have the slightest interest in abiding by any suggested rules whatsoever, indeed I would suggest that in the case of three of the adults the unwillingness to show appropriate distancing or respectful face covering borders on actual belligerency.

Lower Camp Cascade lake 5th May 2020

Having reached my regular bench overlooking the swimming area I am grateful to note that the number of casual users has not increased even this the more accesible side of the lake. There are a number of runners and cyclists passing regularly but only ten vehicles parked in this the prime location. I enjoy a few puffs on my e-cigarette and a flask of cranberry juice as I catch my breath and gather my wherewithal’s.

 My intention is to complete my walk by finishing the circuit of the lake and taking the path up to Firehouse lane and thence along Rosario and Olga roads back to the cottage, a nice round trip of some six miles. Should anything worthy of note cross the horizon I will of course narrate.

Perhaps my most worrying discovery of the day is that even though I did not expect people to be wearing medically approved masks I did anticipate them utilizing some form of scarf, bandana, shemagh, even handkerchief in some small effort to cover nose and mouth when passing others upon a narrow trial. This small consideration being beyond their capacity to indulge indicates in itself the main argument against the early removal of social distancing and a return to the melee of life as was till this pandemic is one hundred percent in control. People are too obviously inclined to be forgetful, naturally stupid, entitled or incorrigibly lazy.

I greatly enjoyed my day in the sun, was enthused by the sight of lads cannonballing once more, by mothers and their children strolling together, by couples if not hand in hand at least close by. I do so wish I could lose this fatalistic feeling deep within me that unerringly warns matters will go decidedly west before perhaps eventually healing.

5th May 2020

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