4th May 2020

We are all inclined to have a relationship with a deity of some kind whether that be a god, an ideal, a principle or even the universe in general. I myself have no illusions about my relationship with my personal god, I know he/she/it perceives me at my weakest moments, my most unfortunate times, late at night alone in my bed with the most unbecoming of thoughts pave my subconscious, standing naked in the privacy of my bathroom ashamed and embarrassed by my unfortunate condition, even witnessing the wholly inappropriate nature of my thoughts as I superficially broadcast well-meaning expressions  during face to face confrontation with others. We all must by necessity believe in something, even if it is simply ourselves, but remembering that the most consistent of human frailties is hubris self-election is probably not the most ideal circumstance.

Literature, legend and myth are full of examples of creators constructing offspring in their own likeness, the Baron von Frankenstein, the mariner Howard Howe and of course any number of major and minor gods and demi gods, good and bad, light and dark, considerate and otherwise, utilizing clay, mud, animal, mineral and vegetable or any other readily available substance as raw material in their wholly miraculous endeavors. The one commonality of these tales is that the result never ends well. Invariably a fault occurs, some component cannot or will not meld, ensuring that the resulting composition never truly reflects its maker, reminding we mere mortals ad continuum that uniqueness is by definition solely singular. Always remember than an amalgam of good qualities and attributes does not guarantee the production of candy, indeed an overindulgence of sweetness invariably results in Wangdoodle snacks, otherwise known as Oompa Loompa.

Nothing can be less appealing than spending eternity in the company of the righteous, surrounded by the unapologetic perfection of mind and spirit. I have always found the notion of having to work upon my soul more appealing than successfully reaching purity. What purpose existence if one is fully developed, completion must surely be the marker of either decline or reconstruction, one foreshadowing erasure the other suggesting metamorphosis. Not having a death wish nor worthy of transfiguration both alternatives seem wholly disagreeable.

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