The Relevant Irrelevance of Oscar in the Silent Era

Silence is golden said no one but the schoolmaster. Why an inability to communicate would ever be seen as an asset is a matter totally beyond my ken. I enjoy quiet as much as the next old fogie, but the total absence of sound is for me but a short measure from producing absolute hysteria.

Noise exists in our world constantly, from the eternal faint throb of traffic, the unnoticed hum of light bulbs and all other electrical or mechanical devices, to the rhythmic beat of our own hearts. We live submerged in cacophony, filtering the unnecessary to focus on the important, the desired, the relaxing or perturbing, bringing comfort or warning.

Even so-called silent movies are draped in the articulation of musical accompaniment, aiding emotion, enhancing understanding, adding completion. I have heard said  that the blind consider that terrible impediment far less injurious than deafness, they being able to imagine in their mid eye a subject, the deaf never able to conjure or even picture succinctly the majesty that is the spoken word.

Take careful heed of the present silence, we will rarely if ever witness its like again.

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