The Relevant Irrelevance of Facial Recognition

One of my greatest joys is the ongoing possibility, nay probability to meet, greet and interact with new and wholly entertaining individuals. Human beings are so remarkably unique in their mannerisms, ideas, assumptions, conclusions, their manner of speech and comprehension, an endless library of new and remarkable stories to consider, marvel over or perhaps commiserate with.

My only regret in this great crusade of populous immersion is my total inability to easily put name to face, or indeed far more frustratingly face to individual saga.

I collect stories, personal histories, weaving their delicate or robust strands into a web that hopefully when incorporated with my life, experiences, times, create in the intricacy of the patterns the sum of existence. We are but the amalgam of that which we see, hear, read, touch and smell. But for these shared exposures we are but automatons, perhaps build of bone, flesh and blood but as much machine as any other mechanical device. Our textures, emotions, shades, characters are truthfully but the constructs of the particulars we voraciously absorb from minute A through minute Z.

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