5th April 2020

I well recall a time not so many decades ago when our world was so afraid of chemical and biological warfare that every household, quite independent of governmental insistence or advice, carried within their medicine cabinets means by which to combat if not avoid such heinous and ungodly attacks.

How apt in an age where warfare has become a virtually third party affair, carried out by weapons of such clever design and independent intelligence as to make mankind all but unnecessary except as the unidentified nameless victim, such precautions would become totally sensible if not vital once more.

Amidst the might of the most militaristically over equipped  country in history we see that nation bought to its knees, its citizens scrambling to fashion homemade facemasks from little more than neckerchiefs, hair bands and gauze, the work force trapped at home like so many rats in not very well suited but very expensive traps, whilst all the finest firepower on the planet, the explosives, rockets, cannons, tanks and warplanes are outflanked, outmaneuvered and humbled by a not so surprise attack from a simple virus of wholly natural derivation.

I remember quite vividly gas masks hanging just inside of every cloakroom door, heirlooms of a war fought and won a few years earlier and kept by a suspicious public whose eyes were wide open to governments quite capable of bending truth without a second thought. I wonder what will be the must keep souvenir of our present crisis.

Humpty Dumpty began reciting with theatrical panache, his arms and legs flailing around as if to emphasize his undoubted self-illuminating lines.

“My greatest fear when falling down

Is that the ground will break my crown”

After the rendition of each couplet the Oeuf would present a most humble smile, bowing from the waist in a most self-deprecating manner.

“There really is no joke you see

In letting yolk outside of me”

Alice considered Humpty Dumpty’s words quite carefully and with an easy conscience decided they were but self-bloviating drivel. Thankfully a sudden upsurge in the fighting either side of the wall saved her ears further pain.

“Which is your side?”

The question seemed an easy one to answer but Humpty seemed hesitant to answer directly.

“I have sympathy’s with both the participants you know. They are all my friends, my very best friends, except when they are nasty! I cannot abide nastiness in any form, expect of course when emanating from mine own mouth.”

The sun was at a very peculiar angle, mid depth to the horizon and directly behind Dumpty’s head, almost like a yellow corona was glued to his pate.

“That seems terribly like double speak to me, sir!”

“Double speak?”

Alice was fast losing both patience and interest in the way the egg was scrambling, so picking her way very carefully between the numerical playing cards laying prone and discarded all around she headed downhill towards a peaceable looking water mill.


Alice turned her head just in time to witness Humpty topple backwards once more.

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