23rd March 2020

Writing a daily blog can be a joy but also a curse. Sure the ability to splurge onto the virgin page the aghst, amusement, love or displeasure experienced living a day in heaven or hell, dependent on mood, weather and ambience, is ever cleansing but also, in manner that had never previously occurred to me, particularly taxing. Producing between a few hundred and a thousand words on demand is an acquired skill, something anyone who has ever written on a daily basis is capable of accomplishing. My main reason for retiring from the literary field was exactly that acquired lackadaisical ability, the habitual scribbling of a quotient to keep publisher and reader content. Publisher because a predictable output produces comfortable profit, reader because the world a proficient writer can create often supersedes and negates the need to invest in life firsthand.

A blog is far more complicated, highly personal, directed to an audience of real people one might even interact with on a daily basis. Blogs, even if written impersonally, carry a level of reality that even nonfictional books do not. A blog is a direct insight into the writer’s mind, unfiltered, unedited, unapologetic yet ever expressing an unlimited amount of regret.

The most frightening aspect of the blogosphere is the immediacy. Once I have let go of keyboard, run compulsory spell and grammar programs and partaken in a scant final read through nothing is left but to press the big red button that’s says publish. To any author, no matter his/her level of success or experience, that degree of speed is mindbogglingly disconcerting, that one moment the document is in draft and the next in full public view, forever, is utterly terrifying. The internet is a permanent medium, pieces once published, even if later amended, corrected, altered, are presented effectively for eternity.

 I choose to send out my posts one by one rather than in bulk, using the process to think upon, remember, consider, give a cyber acknowledgement to each and every recipient. The reassurance that the ability to connect directly and daily with all friends and acquaintances cannot be over stressed, in a universe  that seems intent on limiting our freedom for actual human contact, the nonphysical, the ethereal  is the next best option to avert encroaching  solitude and its constant companion, the demon stir crazy.

Thanks to you all for patiently scanning my musings, especially those who find time to respond, you are all each appreciated greatly.

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