22nd March 2020

Whilst I understand the good meaning of a call  for an immediate ban of all wood burning throughout the island to preserve air quality, I would suggest a far more effective remedy would be an immediate county wide halt of the wholly pungent and pagan act of smudging which must surely in some manner adversely affect the respiratory system. Also seems a terrible waste of sage with Easter rapidly approaching and all those gobblers to baste.

It is with some embarrassment I suddenly realized today I have quite inadvertently adopted the mannerisms of Mr. Bean. I was, as is my general habit, strolling along dictating this forthcoming blog to my phone when I caught myself gesticulating in what Joe Blow Public might suggest was a particularly Beanish manner. Perhaps it is resultant to a mutually shared  inclination towards loneliness, which both Rowan Atkinson and I would categorize simply as our ‘rugged individualism’, but more likely it is the reaction of the general populous to that strange and somewhat worrisome British buffoonery that unapologetically permeates each of our molecules.

Pantomime is alive and well whenever and wherever a queen stands astride the boards.

Walking in the Moran state park today, bearing in mind the suggestions indeed instructions upon the necessity for present public distancing I was amazed by the number of people who still insist on walking as if covered by a single not even golf sized umbrella.

 In particular I was surprised to witness the behaviours of a lady of certainly middle age walking her very perky dog in the company of four adolescent girls. The lady and dog were accomplishing good social distancing, aided and abetted by the length of their connecting leash, probably four to five feet, the following girls however were congregated in a huddle more suited to the rough and tumble of  a football game than a Saturday saunter during a deadly pandemic whose one guaranteed method of transmission  is close proximity. I assume the young ladies were all unaffected or uninfected by beer virus, making their very casual actions somewhat forgivable, no one likes to be a spoilsport or tattletale even to those carrying lighted torches in a tinder box, but I am reminded that good social skills are attained through practice not natural infusion.

My own mother and father were not fine examples of parenting. However they did insist from me a degree of public behavior and responsibility I have since had multiple reasons to thank them for.

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